Los Tocayos it's a Family Business with many years of experience in Carved Wood Products.  Using the latest technology for Carving, Los Tocayos can basically Print any design over different types of woods including Pine, Alder, Red Oak, Sycamore & Basswood. 

We do all sizes until 24" x 24" in all wood types. Our Process its a 100% Digital/Computerized, with a very accurate CNC router process to assure excellent quality, but excellent design and termination as well.  

Los Tocayos Carved Woods are an excellent ornament for your Front yard, showing your family name or House number, even your full address if you want to, a beautiful name sign for your kids door,  your favorite sport team, your favorite cartoon or even your business name if you want it to look different......

It's a perfect gift for family and friends, Practical, Beautiful and Cheap. Having a Los Tocayos Craved Wood Product it's so easy; All you have to do is Follow these few steps:
1. Check our designs, 
2. Pick up your preferred  size and 
3. Upload you photo and message 
4. As soon as we got you design you will received a Digital Sample of your work before Final Colors (Carving in wood), in order to have your approval.
5. Once we got your approval your Sign will be made within the next 48 Hours. You will have 24 Hours to approve the preview we sent you by email. If we do not receive your approval within the next 24 Hours we will do proceed with the labor based on original requests

Is that easy, just Click Here and let your Shopping Experience Begins...